Provisional programme - This programme is subject to change

Monday 12 September

09:15 Registration

09:30 Welcome address - Principal of Queen Mary University of London, UK

09:35 Welcome - Chair and local chair

Academic presentations

Sensors in biology and medicine - Chair: Dr Rob Donnan

09:45 (Invited) Microwave-to-terahertz near-field sensors for dielectric measurements on liquid and cells
Professor Norbert Klein, Imperial College London,

10:15 (Invited) A new paradigim in diagnostic testing: sensors for the real world
Professor Pankaj Vadgama, Queen Mary University of London, UK

10:45 Biocompatible microlasers for biosensors
Duong Ta, King's College London

11:05 Refreshments and poster session

KTN Industrial presentations - Session I - Chair: Dr Liqun Yang

11:25 Sensor design with COMSOL Multiphysics
Dr Robbie Balcombe, COMSOL Ltd

11:55 Novel optical sensors for extreme environment - 1300°C
David Hemsley, Oxsensis Ltd

12:25 Microsensor array technology for gas measurement  
Victor Higgs, Applied Nanodetectors Ltd

12:55 Lunch

KTN Industrial presentations - Session II - Chair: Dr Liqun Yang

14:00 Applied fluorescence measurements within industrial processing
Justin Dunning, Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd

14:30 Low power wireless sensor network technologies and standards for the internet of things
Duncan Purves, Connect2 Systems 

15:00 A new University Enterprise Zone dedicated to the support and commercialisation of sensor technologies
Marco Palumbo, The Sensor City Ltd

15:30 Refreshments

 Nanotechnology for sensors and actuators - Chair: Dr Rob Donnan

15:50 (Invited) Multifunctional nanostructures for cancer therapy and imaging
Dr Mark Baxendale, Queen Mary University of London

16:20 (Invited) Wearable and body-centric technologies - Antennas and propagation
prospective from textile to Nano-scale networks

Dr Akram Alomainy, Queen Mary University of London

 Chemical and gas sensors - Chair: Dr Paul Wright and Dr Andrew Tickle

16:50 (Invited) Pollutant imaging systems for large commercial jet engines
Dr Paul Wright, The University of Manchester

17:20 Design and intial characterisation of a laboratory burner system for testing of optical combustion diagnostics
Joshua Kliment, The University of Manchester,

17:40 A new Planar evenescent microwave sensor for refractive index measurement
Chris Lavers, Plymouth University

18:00 TBA

18:20 TBA

18:40 Delegates are free to visit the City of London

Tuesday 13 September

09:30 The future of ISAT: Bridiging the gap between measurement science, systems science, chemometrics, system indentification and control 
Dr Sillas Hadjiloucas, University of Reading

 Sensors in feedback control - Chair: Dr Sillas Hadjiloucas and Professor Victor Becerra

10:00 (Invited) Bioinspired visual vertical control of quadrotor unmanned aerial vechicles
Professor Victor Becerra, University of Portsmouth

10:30 (Invited) Multi-objective optimization for control design
Dr James Whidborne, Cranfield University

11:20 Refreshment break

11:40 (Invited) Sensing and control of low power AUVs for deep water long range navigation in complex terrains
Professor Eric Rogers, University of Southampton

12:30 (Invited) Distributed control of multi-agent networks and their application to internet to things (IoT)
Dr Ivana Tomic, Imperial College London

13:00 Lunch

Superconducting and quantum technologies and metrology - Chair: Dr Samuel Henry

14:20 (Invited) Time stamping and imaging photons: from particle physics to applications
Dr Andrei Nomerotski, Brookhaven National Laboratory


(Invited) Developement of NanoSQUIDs using FIB for wide-ranging sensor applications
Ling Hao, National Physical Laboratory

Smart sensors and interface electronics and optical sensors - Chair: Dr Andrew Tickle


Measuring stress in rock using the electric potential sensor
James Archer, University of Sussex



16:10 TBA
16:30 Poster Session

17:30 Closing remarks from the Chair and local Chair and ISAT Poster prize

17:40 Delegates are free to visit the City of London

Key date

  • Full paper online submission deadline:
    23 December 2016